Welcome to Dabble Market
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Limited-edition creations from top restaurants and chefs.

Dabble is a virtual pop-up showcasing limited-edition creations from some of Toronto’s very best restaurants, chefs, bakeries, cafes and more. Think new menu items, unique flavours, DIY kits or special collabs. Every couple of weeks, we will feature a new vendor who has created something unique and special, unlike anything they have offered before. This item will be available exclusively to Dabble customers.

Born in these unique times, Dabble was launched with the intention of lifting up struggling businesses by helping them to reimagine their offerings and expand their customer base. As more chefs, restaurants, cooks and food enthusiasts started to launch their own pop-ups, we wanted to give these new businesses a platform to reach a wider audience and share all their amazing offerings!

Who We Are

Brought to you by the team behind Toronto’s go-to source for food and drink coverage - TasteToronto - Dabble is the newest venture that seeks to spotlight new small businesses, propel pop-ups to the forefront and assist restaurants in reimagining their offerings to better fit our takeout dominant landscape. With a deep understanding of Toronto’s food industry and several years of event experience, it was an evident decision to launch a virtual pop-up experience in hopes of supporting restaurants and creating a new dine-in experience.

Why we do it

Dabble came to fruition in a time where everyone is trying to adapt. We wanted to connect Toronto’s food community once again. As we have been unable to break bread with one another at a shared table, we thought to ourselves, “How can we again have a shared food experience without our beloved restaurants?” Dabble is meant to give customers a new and exciting experience while simultaneously offering food vendors a new revenue stream and giving them access to a wider audience.

Why Order on Dabble?

Dabble offerings come from the minds of the city’s best culinary geniuses, tailored specifically to be takeaway friendly. Supply is limited and the creations are a one-time-only offering, unavailable anywhere else but through Dabble. You won’t want to miss your chance at trying some of the city’s most exclusive offerings. Ordering on Dabble helps support your most cherished small businesses when they need it most.

What You Get With Dabble

Anticipate the unexpected as Dabble encourages its vendors to experiment with new flavours and menu items. If you want to get your hands on something that no one else has tried before -- from the city’s best chefs -- Dabble is the place to look.
Bid farewell to the uninspiring meal kit sitting in your fridge. If you’ve ever wanted to whip up a restaurant-quality meal at home, with no fuss, your time is now. Think spicy hand-made noodles, dumplings just waiting to be pan-fried or the brunch spread of your dreams.
Some say two heads are better than one and we couldn’t agree more. Take some of the city’s culinary geniuses and ask them to create something special and beyond delicious - it’s a no-fail situation. Dabble brings you the most decadent, divine and over-the-top offerings that we can guarantee you’ll never see again!